Roffle's Burn Shaman

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I took this deck from Roffle's channel and I had a lot of fun with it. It's not exactly the best for current meta - I had most succes with it against Aggressive Cubelocks, Evenlocks and Odd Rogues that were meta then, but it is extremely fragile against Priests (it could take down Big Priests then, but it's not good against Reno Priests).


Mulligan for Tunnel Trogg, Totem Golem and Spirit of the Frog. The goal of the deck is to get in the chip damage with early minions before they can be answered effectively. Then kill your opponent with a LOT OF BURN when they have set up their Voidlords or whatever. 


The most fun thing about this deck are the big miracle turns with the Spirit of the Frog when you surprise burn your opponent - try to save it for such turns. Consider keeping the Coin to start the draw chain. If your opponent has no means of dealing with a Stealth minions, you can set it up a turn earlier, but especially later in the game you're vulnerable to all kinds of AoE and transform effects, so I suggest using it in a position where you can at least get two-three spells of out it in the same turn.

Manage your overload.

Don't play defensively, you have to know how much burn you have in hand and when you need to abandon the board and go face with the rest of your tokens to win. Nobody expects the Electra+Lava Burst combo.

You can draw through your deck very quickly and it feels really good. 

Finley is not essential, you mostly want him for the Soul Tap or Steady Shot, but you can use a Totemic Smash.

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