Ysiel's Big Gift Buff Druid

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For this deck, we used a Big Druid shell, but we wanted to experiment with Ysiel Windsinger who sees almost no play in standard. As a payoff card for including her, we not only have the reduced cost Overflow, but we also have Gift of the Wild. Gift of the Wild is great for once you stick a couple minions, or especially after you get a few dragons from Ysera, Unleashed's portals or minions from Exotic Mountseller. If Ysiel actually sticks on board for a turn, the rest of your spells (that aren't actually increased in cost to 1-mana from 0-mana, something to think about before you play her on the turn you do), can be used to go crazy with Exotic Mountseller!

At it's core, this is Big Druid, so you'll want to keep cards like Breath of Dreams, Overgrowth, and Innervate. If the opponent is aggro, Bogbeam and Wrath are good keeps as well. If it's a slower deck, you may consider keeping Imprisoned Satyr as a setup to drop a massive minion even earlier. We had a 50% winrate in our test games (just 6 games thus far), so this isn't bad as far as meme decks go!

If you'd like to see a fun highlight game against a Galakrond Rogue with this deck, check out our video at https://youtu.be/ztH_xYNOvLg. Enjoy and have an awesome day!

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