Galakrond's Scrap Ripper Warrior

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This time we experimented with mixing Fibonacci's Fun Galakrond Control Warrior deck and Dekkster's Dimensional Ripper Big Warrior with a wider Galakrond package! We also added in Scrap Golem for additional stall and meme potential.

The Corsair Cache either draws us Ritual Chopper to help invoke Galakrond and remove pesky minions, or Bulwark of Azzinoth for amazing stall in the mid-game. While Shield of Galakrond is somewhat of a low-roll from Dimensional Ripper and The Boom Reaver, it still provides a formidable barrier for a turn so you can follow with another massive play. And, a fully invoked Galakrond, the Unbreakable isn't hard to pull off, meaning you get to drop even more massively buffed threats each turn to help close out the game. Though, you may want to play Galakrond after Dimensional Ripper or The Boom Reaver if possible, as you'll have fewer targets to choose from (unless of course you're going for a more reliable Kargath Prime from these).

We've only played a few games with this thus far, and the winrate is only 40%, but with a bit more practice, I'm fairly confident we can eek it above 50%... But still, this is very much a meme deck, so only play it if you're looking for fun with massive minions!

We've got two highlight videos to share for this one! The first is now live at, and the second one is at Enjoy and have an awesome day!

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