Pillagers & Zombies (Spectral Pillager OTK)

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As of this latest Boomsday patch Sonya & Mechwarper now have been restored to their original pre-April 16th interaction and produce 0 mana Scorp-o-matics again! Rejoice! Thank you Blizzard for fixing and restoring the original interaction! #bro/sisfist!

Hi everyone, today I am showing my take on the Spectral Pillager Scorp-o-matic OTK. First off, this is a fun meme deck, not a ladder deck, so keep that in mind. This is one of the combos I find takes more games played in order to pull it off. As you can tell I have built it partially around N'Zoth not only because I have a love for the old god, but also so that I am not completely centered only around the OTK itself so that you can have an unexpected ace card if your opponent is only expecting to be OTKed in some way.

If you are not familiar with the general concept behind the otk (there are a few different slight variations of how to use it) and here is the rundown of my implementation of it down below.

  • First, have Valeera, the Hollow already active.
  • Have Emperor Thaurissan and any additional Shadow of Death copies of Emperor discount at least 6 mana off of your combo of Sonya, Mechwarper, Scorp-O-Matics, Spectral Pillager and/or Shadow Strike (The combo costs a total of 16 mana so you only need enough pieces in hand to take 6 of that off. The entire list of cards do not need to be in hand when you drop your mana discounts).
    • **Make sure to save Emperor for when you can combo it with Shadow of Death for 10 mana otherwise you'll have to have most combo pieces in hand with just a single discount tick, and if your apm isn't good enough you might not be able to get the combo off.**
  • Play Sonya Shadowdancer
  • Play Mechwarper
  • Play first Scorp-o-matic
  • Play second Scorp-o-matic (tagetting the first Scorp-o-matic)
  • Play a third Scorp-o-matic via Valeera the Hollow's Shadow Reflection effect to eat your previous scorpion. (While you can technically just copy a 2nd Mechwarper and keep your cannibalistic scorpion going with just 2 scorpions it is faster creating a 3rd scorpion and rake up a higher card count for your Pillagers.)
  • Continue playing the 0 mana Scorpo-O-Matic minions you get added to your hand from Sonya and continue destroying your own mechs. Note, this part must be fast because this is where you will get the bulk of of the build-up for your Spectral Pillager damage.
  • Play Spectral Pillager on opponent's face. If you are fast you will generally have racked up around 23ish damage with her combo effect.
  • Cast Shadow Strike on your Pillager.
  • Play Spectral Pillager (as a 1 mana 1/1 due to Sonya) for another 20+ damage to your opponent's face (This last part is important since you generally are not going to reach 30+ damage with the first Pillager).


Outlasting the king of grind. Shouldn't have used that Reckless Fury xD

***Mulligan Guide***

Mulligan for your early game for pretty much any match-up. You don't want your hand clogged full of combo pieces early on since you won't have any plays and with the amount of card draw in the deck it can make it awkward for when you have to Valeera due to the risk of burning your cards.

Against aggressive decks: Typically mulligan for BackstabPlated BeetleShadowbladeMistress of Mixtures and/or Tar Creeper.

Against control/combo decks: Typically mulligan for Elven Minstrel (If you have the coin, ShadowbladePlated Beetle and/or Loot Hoarder.

Always toss away combo pieces and mostly anything more than 4 mana. This is especially true of your DK anyway since using her too early in the game can easily lead to game-throwing card burns due to not being able to empty your hand fast enough with the mana you have and large amount of cycling in the deck.

Hard/Easy Match-ups:

Since this is a meme deck I won't go into too much detail here, but here are some general overviews about some of the match-ups


  • Burn Mage, Kingsbane Rogue, regular Mill Rogue, Aggro Shaman, Midrange/Evolve Shaman, Cubelock, & Shudderwock Shaman.


  • Control Priest (or any slow priest build) <---------- Your best match-up, standard Control Mage, Big Spell Mage, Dead Man's Hand Warrior.

Never feel pinned down to the combo for your win condition against aggressive decks. Sometimes you have those gems where you barely manage to outlast them and pull the combo off, but other times you pull off wins by comboing heal combos with things like Sonya & Healbot or Sonya & Applebaum, grinding the aggressive decks out of resources.

Versus an aggressive Mech Pally, winning with combo.

Versus the elusive post-nerf Pirate Warrior. Grinding them out of resources

Versus an Odd Face Hunter

Take the deck into casual or ranked

Bear in mind this deck is 100% meme-approved so it is by far not the ideal ladder deck by no means, but it is pretty satisfying when you do pull of some wins in ranked play!

Rank 20, vs golden Control Warlock

Taking Jade Druid to meme town! Wild rank 10

Updates (12/31/19):

-1x Drakkari Enchanter

+1x Shadow of Death

Playing around with my take on Hysteria's Infinite Nozdormu take on this combo during which I threw in Shadow of Death for easier execution of the bigger combo I found that it was a very decent choice to use in my version of the Nozdormu deck. Either way you're committing 9 or 10 mana whether using Enchanter or Shadow of Death, but the big upside is that you almost always get more mana discounts on the overall combo with the latter. Plus, it summons up to 3 5/5 bodies that your opponent more or less is forced to take out.

Guide Updates (12/31/19)

Added a small detail about saving Emperor to combo with Shadow of Death.

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