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N'Zoth Reno Mage

Last updated 1 month ago
  • Archetype N'Zoth Mage
  • Format Wild
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Views 221
  • Crafting Cost 25940
  • Your Cost 25940
killanator6000's Avatar Registered User 2

pretty solid so far. only lost one game out of ten. (secret burn mage and i  didn't draw any of my healing) i built it cuz i wanted to have fun with solarion prime and so far she hasn't let me down. my biggest key to winning so far is playing my zola on the right target whether it be zephrys reno n'zoth or even solarion. it all depends. if anybody has any ideas to improve on the decklist i'd love to hear your input. glhf

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