[83% WR] 28 DMG Deathrattle Dragon Reno Priest

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This deck was a fun one to climb with in the beginning of the July Season. I have always wanted to have a deck that combines Dragons with deathrattles, and finally made one that works. I don't know why, but it works. It misses one effective dragon to make the dragon synergy work, and it lacks another good deathrattle minion to work as an effective deathrattle deck. But together, they help each other towards success. 

Disclaimer: The deck was great from Bronze 10 to Platinum 3. This is when it started to "loose steam" and I changed to another deck. But I had so much fun playing it that I had to post it.  

The 28 DMG is simple

1) At some point during the game you play Raza the Chained.

2) At another point you play Shadowreaper Anduin

3) When you are ready to apply the Combo, you start with Hero Power Voidform face and continue after every card played. 

4) You drop Spawn of Shadows.

5) Mirage Caller the Spawn.

6) Lastly, you play Violet Illusionist.

Note: Zephrys the Great is not in the deck simply because I forgot to include him, or he was removed by mistake. When I did noticed he was gone, it was in a middle of a 10-0 win streak, so I didn't want to temper with the deck. Feel free to add him. 

Mulligan Tips: You are always looking for your early deathrattle draw card minions. When facing mage, go face as much as you can and try to finish the game as fast as you can. 

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