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Swaguar's Highroll Big Mage

Last updated 1 week, 6 days ago
  • Archetype Control Mage
  • Format Wild
  • Deck Type Just For Fun
  • Views 156
  • Crafting Cost 21080
  • Your Cost 21080
SwaguarTV's Avatar Registered User 4

This is a budget Mage deck that requires incredible skill to play well.

Just kidding. This deck revolves around using Bright-Eyed Scout and Tentacled Menace to cheat out absurd amounts of mana, slamming huge minions, Frost Lich Jaina or The Amazing Reno for way less mana than usual. For defensive tools, the deck aims to stabilize using Dragon's Fury or discounted copies of Blizzard, Flamestrike and Tortollan Pilgrim to clear the enemy's board.

Despite its incredible greed, the deck prefers to match against aggressive decks because of the powerful removal, and because they run cheaper cards than slower decks like Reno Priest or Galaxy Mage.

The deck is incredibly expensive. Aside from all the Legendaries, most of the other cards are epics. But if you're missing some of the Legendaries, you can easily swap them out for cheaper big minions like Scrapyard Colossus.

A video showing the deck in action is coming very soon!

You can find more memes here:

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