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We realized that Dragon Breeder hasn't seen much love recently, and we decided to spend some time with him in Mage. This deck is all about getting extra value from Azure Explorer, Malygos, Aspect of Magic, Kalecgos, and even Evasive Wyrm, while playing almost the same way as Highlander Mage does.

Now, the winrate with this version was much worse than the Highlander versions of Dragon Breeder Mage we played (they had over 60%, while this had an amazing 20% O.o!), but we had an absolutely amazing game playing 4 Malygos, Aspect of Magic and Azure Explorers with this, so it needed to be shared!

We've got a highlight video showing the gameplay of the absurd game mentioned above coming out soon, and we'll link it here once it goes live. In the meantime, enjoy and have an awesome day!

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