Demons of Scholomance

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This deck is mostly designed to make full use of both of the Demon Hunter's broken card draws, Glide Card Image and [Hearthstone Card (Skull of Guldan) Not Found], featuring double jump and a whole ton of low cost cards, as well as the Soul Fragment Card Image package, which I believe will be very useful in regaining and maintaining tempo.

I propose, but this is still a theorycraft mind you, that Trueaim Crescent is to be kept in the opening hand, even hard mulliganed for, at all times, and that Demon Companion  is to be kept as well, at least on Coin. Right now, I believe that this deck, with its extremely fast and reliable draw and lots of face attacks, can afford to use [Hearthstone Card (CardImprisoned Antaen) Not Found] even if its nerfed form. As the expansion hits and I get the opportunity to try the deck out, I will be updating it, and fairly regularly at that.

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