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[SA] The New Soul Quest Big Demon Control Lock

Last updated 3 days, 1 hour ago
  • Archetype Control Warlock
  • Format Standard
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Views 676
  • Crafting Cost 13680
  • Your Cost 13680
Trollmus's Avatar Registered User 2

Hello! and thanks for stopping by to look at my deck! :)

The idea behind this deck is to stall until lategame, where both your quest completes for 0 mana big minions, and you get insane combos with Fel Lord Betrug + Plot Twistto pull 2x dreadlord, 2x scraplord or protodrake, AND ebonlock + sathrovarr combo for refill the board with powerful demons.

Survive the early and mid game by playing soul fragment minions and get heals, get some taunts down and clear the board, and draw alot of cards in the process with tapping and from the soul fragment stuff which should count. End the game with the win condition explained further down.

The Mulligan!

VS Aggro: Dark Skies, Spirit Jailer, School Spirits, Soul Shear. If you have a soul card, then also keep Void Drinker

VS Control: Flesh Giant, Plot Twist, Void Drinker, Spirit Jailer

Soul Fragment Package + Flesh Giants

This package single-handedly will help you escape the early and mid game intact, and will discount your flesh giants immensly, since you tap and heal at the same time! Getting flesh giants out at turn 3-4 is not unreasonable with a bit of luck in the early game! All the soul fragment cards are great early removal and anti aggro. The voiddrinker taunt at 5 mana is CRAZY strong, and is basically a earth elemental with no overload. CRAZY good vs aggro.

Big + Mid Demon Package

You get some big demons with Bertrug and Dreadlords, that you can return through Ebonlock prime, and some ok mid-demons that are also good stats-wise and have taunt!

Survival Package

Deck features alot of removal for control warlock to survive into the late game.

The Win Condition

  • Fel Lord Betrug + Plot Twist at Turn 10 or even 9 with discounts will get you a big board filled with crazy good deathrattles, like Plagued Protodrake, Scrapyard Colossus and Enhanced Dreadlord it even gives you more Ebonlocke primes!

  • Sathrovarr+ Kanrethad Ebonlocke at turn 10 to put several ebonlocks in your deck, which can instantly restore your board with powerful demons in the late game!

  • Alot of removal tools to kill any aggro deck and heals to go with it for souls

  • Vectuswhich brings back powerful deathrattles, and filling the board yet again with big minions

  • Stalling your opponent and playing discounted 0 mana big minions!


Possible cuts when expansion goes live: Soulciologist Malicia I fear she won't be good at 7 mana late game, if u have already drawn all your souls or destroyed them for Void Drinker remains to be seen. If she is bad, I will cut her and put in maybe more removal or big minions.


Comments and criticism is welcome, please! :D

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  • Echo's Avatar Content Squad Cupcake 370 150 Posts Joined 05/29/2019
    Posted 1 week, 1 day ago

    This deck looks really top heavy and I'm not a huge fan of stuff like that, even with the Warlock Quest involved. Might be worth putting in a Questing Explorer or two over some of the slower, clunkier cards like Vectus or Plagued Protodrake. Aside from that, the Sathrovarr + Kanrethad Ebonlocke combo looks really fun, but just kinda overkill to me, as well as the Prime having some pretty big anti-synergy with some of the strong early game cards you want to play like Spirit Jailer and Void Drinker.

    Overall though it looks like a pretty fun list to play.

    • Trollmus's Avatar 55 3 Posts Joined 07/31/2020
      Posted 1 week, 1 day ago

      Thanks for replying! Yes, it is a heavy deck, but the quest will make all the big minions 0 mana, which is why it's focused on late game, and control the early game, perhaps too much, and I will have to cut some high cost cards to get more early game minions out, Questing Explorer would definitely be a good card to include instead.

      Sathrovarr + Kanrethad Ebonlocke combo has won me so so many games vs control heavy decks like Priests, because they simply cannot keep up the momentum with removals, and I fill the board over and over again with big demons, + it even keeps you from being out of cards (pun intended), because it shuffles more cards into your deck. Trust me, it's a crazy fun and good combo :)

      Void Drinker is a 4/5 taunt demon, it's not ideal, but it's not a bad demon minion to bring back on the board in my opinion. Spirit Jailer is, but with only two copies of him, it will be rare that you will summon him from Prime, because of all the other demons you spam the board with.


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