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This is a wild discard warlock deck that is designed to be just for fun. I hope you find some of the ideas helpful.

Highlights/Oddities of the deck:

  • [Hearthstone Card (Soul Warden) Not Found]

I run 2x [Hearthstone Card (Soul Warden) Not Found] which is a 6 mana card. This card is great because it allows you to fill up on some cards when you run low. It also has synergy with itself if one gets discarded. Plus this method of filling your hand doesn't drain your deck.



#1. As a general rule use the coin because you don't want to see it pop up again in from the [Hearthstone Card (Soul Warden) Not Found]

#2. Build up a hand of High Priestess Jeklik and use them as taunt/heals to aid your board pressure.


Good luck and have fun!


Current Thoughts:

I am actively trying to adjust this deck by replacing one card with [Hearthstone Card (Blood Queen Lana'thel) Not Found] but I haven't figured out which one. If you have an idea of what one card I should get rid of please let me know.

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