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The Cataclysm is here again!  But this time, it's Ragnaros the Firelord raining fire down onto your enemies instead of Deathwing rising from below!

This meme Big/Ressurect Priest deck is one I built around the 2018 Fire Festival that Ragnaros threw for us all, and has one real goal in mind: to get multiple copies of Ragnaros accompanied by a Drakkari Enchanter to bring about the certain doom of your opponent!

I actually made a version of this a while back that was not a "Big Priest" and also was very inconsistent.  With the whole Big Priest thing being a... thing... on Wild ladder I thought why not remake this deck with some of the new tools.  So I did!  Basically looked at some existing Ressurect/Big Priest builds and adjusted to be more focused on pulling or resurrecting Ragnaros.

Will this deck get you to Wild Legend?!?!  Who knows!  Is it tons of fun to end your turn and watch a ton of 8 random damage fireballs rain down on the unworthy insect that has come before the Firelord?!  You bet it is!!!  While it would take some time (and a bit of luck) it is possible to get 4 Ragnaros and an Enchanter on the board at the same time.  Most likely you're going to pop off (2 x 2) x 8 at the most, maybe (3 x 2) x 8.  But say you have one Rag on board, you've got 10 mana, you've reduced the cost of several cards with Emperor Thaurissan, you then use tools like 2x Eternal Servitude, Vivid Nightmare and Enchanter (which if all four have had one tick from Emperor their reduced total cost is 10), and you've done it!!!  The dream!!!!!!

I haven't updated this list in a while, however, I'm sure there are some great cards you could add in.  Off the top of my head, Mass Resurrection could be really good if you've had a bunch of Rags die on board since it could bring back three Rags in one shot.

Have fun, and serve the Firelord well!



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