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Many people have dismissed Blood Herald as the worst card of the set. Terrible, unplayable, etc. I was looking at my collection when a thought sprang into my mind: "is it really, though?" Token DH got quite a lot of support in Scholomance Academy. Most people dismissed the archetype as weak in Ashes of Outland, but has it changed? Can it compete against Tempo DH, Libram Paladin and Ramp Druid?

Well, I've tried!

I haven't played a lot with the deck, but you'll be surprised how well the inherent synergy performs. With many Rush minions, you're quite reactive, refill your board very easily and draw A LOT with Feast of Souls. Blood Herald grows super fast and can win you games, your opponent MUST have removal or you'll obliterate their face with a LARGE minion before 10 mana.

Strong cards:

Feast of Souls: Easy 5+ card draw, Ultimate Infestation is crying.

Wrathscale Naga: Lots of damage, can surprise your opponent when they're low on HP or help clean up their board.

Blood Herald: Don't underestimate it! Can easily become huge. Try mulliganing for it and playing it after a wipe.

Rustsworn Cultist: Makes a large board much more powerful, also great synergy with all the cards above.

Possible choice cards:

Cult Master for more draw, although it's a bit expensive and less reliable than Feast of Souls.

Faceless Corruptor for more Rush reach

Raid Leader: Can help with damage, usually you have large boards and in that case it's +6 reach

Weak cards, might be swapped out: 

Ur'zul Horror, Nethrandamus

Please try the deck out yourself, it's much more fun than the usual Tempo DH! Any feedback is much appreciated!

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