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UPDATE - 8/14/20 Below!

Hi everyone!  Here's an update to my old Recruit Warrior.  I won't go thru too many details....check that list out if you want.  

This version takes out Dimensional Rippers for Commencements.  Copies are great, but that 10 mana cost sux.  Though I may try adding in one for fun.  (I will try some changes.)  I think The Boom Reaver is too slow/expensive as well.  As I mentioned before, I think The Boomship and Woecleaver are great because they help you get out multiple BIG minions at once.  Use Dead Man's Hand if you draw too many BIG minions.  Those are the cards you want to duplicate anyway.  At the end of the game your opponent should be running out of removal, so at that point one BIG minion after another can be tough to stop.

So far, Rattlegore seems to fit in the deck nicely...at least until people start running silence minions.  Troublemaker feels great too, but I think one is enough.


You can certainly take out Colossus of the Moon for a second Scrapyard Colossus if necessary.  The Lich King would be great as well.  I'm sure it belongs in there.  BIG Taunt minions are what you want for this deck.  Maybe even a Sleepy Dragon?  I like the Evasive Drakonids, but they felt much better in the old version with the Dimensional Rippers.  

Good Luck!  I'll try to update this one soon!


UPDATE - 8/12/20

-2 Shield Slams, + Bladestorm, + The Lich King

Well it didn't take long for me to make a few changes:  For some reason I love BladestormThe Lich King is also in now.   I'm often wondering how many BIG minions to put in this deck. 

Next up, time to test the Sphere of Sapience.......


UPDATE - 8/14/20

- Bash, - Reaper's Scythe, + Sphere of Sapience, + Corsair Cache

So I crafted Sphere of Sapience.  I'm seeing the card everywhere...at least in all sorts of lists.  I'm not saying it's great, but it def feels good and it has no downside (at least in this deck).

I've been doing well so far - 15-10 from D5 to D3 with this version.  Def small sample size, but from this point on I'm just tweaking it.  Not sure about Corsair Cache - two just feels like too many to me, but try it if you want.

I'll provide a little more detail from my experience so far.  Basically, this plays like most Big Warriors.  It's not hard, but there are some little things you can learn like most decks.  Athletic Studies and Commencement really help make this deck work.


Some Card Explanations:

Athletic Studies - So far, this card has felt great!  Way better than expected.  Feels better than Demonic Studies and other newer discover cards.  I keep getting Zilliax or Kargath Bladefist!  Rush cards are perfect for this deck.  Just don't shuffle the small ones back in.

Sword and Board - I had two before.  I may have to put the second one back in, but with Sphere of Sapience I feel like I could drop a few cheap doubles for more variety.

Sphere of Sapience - I pretty sure this card belongs in.  It gives you an extra chance for getting a card you're looking for.  And it repeats this for several turns.  Very cool. 

Dead Man's Hand - Use this to shuffle Big minions back in your deck.  Vs control, def get some value from this card.  Sometimes you may want to shuffle extra Brawls as well.  It depends on the matchup.

Warpath - I think this is one of Warrior's best cards.  It's like Defile for Warlock.  I put this in every Warrior deck except aggro.

Bash - Good early removal as well.  I had two of these before.  Same rules as Sword and Board....I may eventually try a second one, but this feels good for now.  Depends on the meta.

Bladestorm - Great card.  Run at least one for sure.  Can combo nicely with other removal cards.

Kargath Bladefist - Your running this for Kargath Prime obviously.  He's great.  If you like this style deck and you can afford it, craft him. 

Reaper's Scythe - I had two before but as great as the card is, it felt like too much.  You don't want to play them in consecutive turns, which gives you a dead card if you have two.  I feel like one is perfect, but try a second if you want.

Brawl - Similar to Warpath.  Just run two.

Gather Your Party - One of the reasons you're playing the deck...to cheat out the BIG DOGS!

Commencement - The new reason to play this deck.  Like I said above, it replaces Dimensional Ripper.  I do miss that card, but it just doesn't feel necessary anymore.

Deathwing, Mad Aspect - I wasn't sure about this one, but it feels great.  Whether you play it for the effect or it gets pulled, you're usually happy about it.  Just be careful if you choose to play it....don' t kill your own minions.

Troublemaker - Feels good, not great.  Worth running one, imo.  Two feels like too many....especially when you have a few minions on the board and there isn't enough room for those Ruffians.

Rattlegore - So far, this has felt as good if not better than  Troublemaker....probably because I haven't seen much silence yet.  Even so, you still have to kill it.

The Boomship - Another reason this deck works.  This card is huge.  Even if it only pulls two from your hand, It will win you games.  Usually you just want to play it on turn 9....assuming you have a few minions in your hand.

Archmage Vargoth - A little high roll feeling....but it's huge when it gets pulled by Gather Your Party or Commencement.  Or play it on turn 10 with a Gather Your Party.  Getting an extra Dead Man's Hand or Shield Block isn't bad either.  So I think the card belongs in here.  

The Lich King - Great card, of course.  Plus it's a taunt.  And it gives you stuff.  So good.

Colossus of the Moon - This one is probably unnecessary.  You can swap it out for another Scrapyard Colossus or a small spell.  Or, put in Hakkar, the Soulflayer if you're running into a Mecha'thun style deck.

Scrapyard Colossus - Great taunt minion for Big style decks.

Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound - This card is necessary for this style deck as well imo.  He's worth it.  If he gets pulled by Gather Your Party or Commencement, it could be gg.


Again, I'll try to update soon.  Not looking to change much but if you have any ideas, let me know.   Have fun out there!  (That is the point of this deck.)

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