Phaoris' Big Librams Paladin

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We wanted to see if we could get King Phaoris and Commencement to play nice with each other, so we built this deck. With a number of high cost spells (Commencement, Lay on Hands, and Libram of Hope), it's not a challenge to drop a sizable board with King Phaoris when you do draw him, but in the games where you don't you can still drop a lot of pressure pretty quickly!

There were a number of times we got the Ancient Guardian on turn 4 or 5 with High Abbess Alura casting Libram of Hope on herself, but even when she hits another spell, just about everything (except Libram of Justice when you really wanted it for later) feels great from her. And, the only real miss for Commencement is getting King Phaoris. But, even with these few low rolls, the deck felt really good and consistent! There's just enough control tools to buy time to start dropping big minions and heal back up. And, if you're feeling really adventurous, you could ramp faster than a Druid with Nozdormu the Timeless...

We ended with a 71% winrate, but a few of those were duels. On the ladder, we maintained a 60% winrate, so it was surprisingly good for a meme deck! A couple highlight videos with gameplay are here: and Enjoy, and have an awesome day!

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