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My newest rendition of my "Giggling Death Bunnies" deck. I made the first one back in BD on Hearthpwn, and my "MK-2" is currently my highest rated deck of all time on Hearthpwn as well. I dropped the "Giggling" part though, as this was in reference to when the deck included giggling inventor and sonya shadowdancer. you were able to infinite with them against any deck that couldn't remove sonya. was incredibly annoying for aggro decks to play against. you had to get it up and running though, which didn't happen too often. 

I have a real soft spot for the archetype as I am a fan of under dog decks. I understand now that Pogos have gotten quite a boost, and maybe not even in the under dog niche now.

Anyway, I will do a proper write up on this when I have the deck down properly. This is just my first iteration of the MK-3 and will change a lot. Pogos require a lot of tweaking depending on what your own meta looks like, so there is no one fool proof way to build the deck. because of this you are going to see many versions. The best way is to pick a deck and play it, and if you are being countered one way or another, then bolster the deck to help you out in that regard. It is a strange deck in this way as I normally would not advise people to start changing their decks like this, Pogo rogue is unique though as it's such a weird deck. You will see what I mean if you play it for long enough.

I hope you guys like my new version, and maybe you can learn something from it. Similarly I would like to learn from you, so please feel free to talk about it in the comments.

EDIT: my idea of using SN1P-SN4P was flawed as I was forgetting that bunnies are not magentic. therefore I don't know if this card really has a place here. The idea with SN1P-SN4P (for me at least) is to use it as a flashier Replicating Menace, it is best used where you can captitalize on the tokens it leaves behind best, this means that you either want to buff them and go face or magnetize onto them and go face.

A little bit about SN1P-SN4P as I really want to talk about this card.

IMO SN1P-SN4P works very well in some kind of hybrid shaman deck, where it has ways of creating huge buffs, but can also house a decent magnetic package. this can be bridged with stuff like amalgam into other strong synergies the class has like the early murloc generation package. All you need really is the lackie murloc and amalgam to make that work. 

I've managed to make a decent murloc/mech and a overload/elemental/mech shaman that are both incredibly sticky because of the replicating mechs and then soul of the murloc as well. you add stuff like bloodlust and the storm bringer, then cards like electra and zentimo and you end up with a very strong deck.

If you want an example of the kind of thing I'm playing right now, here is one of my other decks. 

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    just a low level game as I've just started this season. for some reasdon the guy didn't take out my shark totewm, which allowed me to go nuts very early. 

    This replay is still a good example though of the sort of short play you can do to win. you don't have to be thinking about giant bunnies, especially if you manage to get a shark going because everything doubles each time. that can be huge.

    Basically I an early togs scheme with just 3 copies on it. The reason I play it is I have a Piper in hand and I know her battlecry will give me 2 Bunnies right away, which in turn won me the game really. Also take lethal with an SI:7 as this also doubles up. Never underestimate the power of the Shark Totem when used correctly. I know people that don't know the archetype as well are saying that Sharks are too slow, it's quite the opposite. It's really sharks that allow you to get stuff done earlier. It's really quite slow to buff up the bunnies without one. I tend to only really play bunnies if I can copy it anyway, unless theres a shark involved in order to start doubling. This is also why we have the taunt mechs to mag onto your first bunny to make it a bit harder to kill.

    I have not played the archetype a lot in a while so it's like learning it all over again, and it is a hard deck to judge when to play the rabbits and stuff. I mean you can waste the first one if you need to, but ideally you want to be able to copy it if you play it. So the taunts are needed IMO in order to be able to make you first bunny not die so fast, and give you the chance to do something with it. Of course you can mess around with shadowstep on your first one as well in order to make it bigger. this is also recomended. also with a totem up you can combo into vancleef and get a relatively big one off like 3 card plays. so you play the bunny and you shadow step it then you play it again then taunt it then play leeroy with the shark up and it's like a 12/12 I think.

    here is the replay anyway if you wanna see some early game combos.

    EDIT: I think the guy I was playing must not have known about Pogo Hoppers as he made some huge misplays. For starters he could have Killed my Shark which would have slowed me right down, and he should have killed my taunted pogo with his walk the plank and sapped the Edwin.

    I can see why he made the plays he did, as he was eliminating the damage. I really don't think he was reading what the cards did though. I might have not even won that had he done those 2 things. I have thought about the plays I'd have made instead, and I'd have definitely had a way harder time winning there if he'd killed my shark and my first pogo hopper.

    I'd have had to use the piper to draw one and then play and copy with scheme asap, I might hold off for a few turns to juice it more, then I'd attempt to make copies then draw them with the treasure from togwaggle. Hopefully getting another shark in the meantime to help snowball them. I'd also have been able to build edwin up again quite easy though if he'd have done it the other way though. 


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