Emperor Thaurissan (Heroic): Post Mortem

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This is an old adventure deck and designed to beat an old adventure challenge. This deck is not meant to be played outside of trying to beat Emperor Thaurissan on Heroic. I will update this deck if you give me ideas. 


Emperor Thaurissan has a soft spot for his wife.  So keep her alive.  If you can swap her health and attack early all the better to keep both her and you alive.  However, the biggest priority should be acquiring Power Word: Glory as it will keep you alive during the early game.

You will probably need to buff her health before she dies to her husband's Death's Bite or any of the various deathrattles that you will need to clear like Abomination and Unstable Ghoul.

Priest of the Feast rescues you mid game and I like buffing the wife's health while healing face for three in prep for all board clears.

Remove all medium to large minions and heal face for most of the game to stay alive.

I won with Confuse in my deck (which stayed in the deck the whole game) but I am suggesting Crazed Alchemist.

 Prince Malchezaar will provide you with your win condition which you can use at the end of the game as Emperor Thaurissan runs out of steam, you will gain board control and during that time Circle of Healing might actually be used for healing!

May the RNG be with you.

*Edit: I modified this deck using the advice of 0funkyfish0 who commented below so special thanks to you.  He suggested adding Kel'Thuzad and Grim Patron.  Of these two additions I really like Kel'Thuzad.  Beware that Grim Patron may get Flamestrike or targeted by a Fire Elemental.  Still this is much better than the dead card that I had in here before and using your opponent's deathrattles you can multiply the grim patrons.*

*Edit: Also thank you justDeadline for suggesting the replacement of Flash Heal with Binding Heal.*

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