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Remember Darkest Hour Warlock? Well, this is Darkest Hour Warlock on Crack.

It's very simple. Play Necrium Apothecary as fast as possible without drawing Deathwing, Dragonlord. The Apothecary will then draw Deathwing and gain it's Deathrattle. Once you trigger that deathrattle (Ideally with Necrium Blade, but you can just kill off the Apothecary. This will all the Dragons in your hand (hopefully you have a lot of them) onto the board, and ideally you'll do this early enough (on or before turn 5) that your opponent won't have an answer.

If you do draw Deathwing before the combo goes off, you still have the option to draw and play Anka, the Buried, then use discounted Deathwing to pull your dragons out that way.

There a bunch of little mini-combos you can do with this. After you play the Apothecary, you can play Preparation and Dragon BreathBADCARDNAME to draw more dragons from your deck to pull onto the board, without the risk of accidentally drawing Deathwing.

Secret Passage can be used in a few ways. If you can't find your Apothecary, you can coin up to 6 mana (or 5 if you have Preparation), play Secret Passage, and hopefully find your Apothecary that way. When your Apothecary is on the board, you can play Secret Passage before breaking your Necrium Blade to pull out another hand of Dragons. Then if your opponent clears your board, killing the Apothecary will pull out your original hand for a second wave.

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