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This is the Highlander Dragon Paladin deck that I created and piloted to Legend during the September 2020 Season. It received pretty high acclaim, getting placed on the Beerbrick (https://beerbrick.com/2020/10/01/sa-18-4-legend-seans-highlander-dragon-paladin/), HSReplay (https://bit.ly/30HL5AR) and being featured by Alliestrasza on her stream (https://bit.ly/3nqJsRx). 


The deck excels against aggressive decks (my winrate vs Soul Demon Hunter was through the roof), and contains more than enough value to out duel the Priests & Mages on the ladder. The toughest match up right now far and away is Libram Paladin. I haven't written a guide in a long time, so it may be rusty but I'll put one together piece by piece.



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