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Odd Spell Damage Mage (My first legend deck)

Last updated 1 week, 1 day ago
  • Archetype Odd Mage
  • Format Wild
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Views 517
  • Crafting Cost 14640
  • Your Cost 14640
freethinker's Avatar Registered User 6

Little bit of backstory: I have been playing Hs since GvG and I made a personal goal to get to legend with a deck of my own creation.  I have basically played every expansion since GvG and gotten close but never over the top.  The ravages of Demon Hunter almost took me out of HS altogether and I took a two month break right before Scholomance released.  This break helped me a lot. I am 35 now and have been through a lot personally since I started playing. The break helped to clear my mind of bad habits and look at the game without knowing all of the Scholomance cards.  I threw an initial version of this deck together around the second week of September and to my surprise, it was doing way better than I thought it would.  I made some changes over many, many games and finally settled on a decent build that finally got me to legend for the first time.  I was ecstatic.  This is the creation.  I even got two compliments on this deck from players on ladder.

tl;dr Wanted to make a deck of my own creation get to legend for the first time.  Did it.

So, what does the deck do?  Why some of the odd choices?

The MVP cards:

Devolving Missiles - This card will basically be the difference maker in most games.  It disrupts opponents tribal syngeries (Pirates, Murlocs, Totems), and it a good card to use against Control Warlock and some combo decks.

Primordial Studies - This is the engine that makes the deck run.  The best starting hand in general is: Black Cat, Primordial Studies, Unexpected Results.

1st Turn -Primordial Studies (if you don't have a Black Cat in hand and it's offered, take it)  Also, don't be afraid to take a high health, low attack Spell Damage minion.  Having it stay alive for a future turn can be a lifesaver.

2nd Turn - Black Cat for 2 (discount from Primordial Studies), 3/3 on Turn 2 that draws a card.

3rd turn - If Black Cat is still alive, Unexpected Results for two random three drops.

The Kobold Stickyfinger is necessary to give you a fighting chance against aggressive decks such as Pirate Rogue, Spectral Cutlass/Kingsbane Rogue, Pirate Warrior, Demon Hunter, and Demon Warlock.

Notes: Don't be too greedy.  Jaina can be a lifesaver.


Feel free to experiment with substitutions with the following cards:

Take out a Flame Ward or Unexpected Results if you're seeing more control decks.

Cards that are good substitutions:

Tour Guide

Mind Control Tech

Babbling Book


Cards that might be useful, but I didn't try:

Forgotten Torch


Arcane Intellect

Update: With the Evocation nerf, feel free to add a a Babbling Book or Magic Trick in.

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  • Hydrafrog's Avatar Gul'dan 630 912 Posts Joined 05/28/2019
    Posted 5 days, 20 hours ago

    Gotta get in the Evocation before it's no longer of use in odd decks

    • freethinker's Avatar 55 3 Posts Joined 10/10/2020
      Posted 4 days, 15 hours ago

      Yup, I posted an update to the deck guide that explains to replace it with whatever you wish at that point.

  • Neoguli's Avatar Champion of Runeterra 305 217 Posts Joined 06/25/2019
    Posted 1 week ago

    Would you think of Azure Drake to replace Steward of Scrolls?

    • freethinker's Avatar 55 3 Posts Joined 10/10/2020
      Posted 4 days, 15 hours ago

      It's not bad, but I prefer the Steward for two reasons:

      1.  It discovers a spell as opposed to drawing a card.

      2.  It's an Elemental which can be important in those long, control matchups and you need the heal from the Frost Lich Jaina.


      Sidenote: My first idea for this deck came as an Odd Dragon based deck.  I would have liked for it to be viable but no dice.

  • Thonson's Avatar Devoted Academic 695 869 Posts Joined 03/24/2019
    Posted 1 week, 1 day ago

    Congrats on the Legend.  I hit it the first time back in September and was playing at launch.  Got mine with Even Shaman, but Odd Mage is also a favorite of mine!  Been running a list slightly different from this, but might give yours a try.

  • Insane's Avatar 20 2 Posts Joined 03/19/2020
    Posted 1 week, 5 days ago

    I have a couple questions. 

    1. what do you see as your win condition? Is it tempo? Mainly I just wanna know how you win a majority of your games. 

    2. there doesn’t seem like a lot of battlecrys to make good use of brann. How do you usually use him 


    3. why not include cinderstorm?

    • freethinker's Avatar 55 3 Posts Joined 10/10/2020
      Posted 1 week, 5 days ago

      1.  The win condition depends on the matchup.  Usually just out tempoing our opponent, but in certain matchups it can be the Frost Lich Jaina.

      2.  Brann is there for when I had Babbling Book in the main deck.  He also gets double cards or spell generation with Black Cat or Steward of Scrolls. Also, it double triggers Janalai for a double Ragnaros turn.  It is a good trigger with Loatheb, too.  I will say that Brann isn't essential to the deck performing well however.  It might even be replaceable.

      3.  I thought about using Cinderstorm.    Feel free to use it.  It will probably improve the deck against odd paladin and fast pirate decks.


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