Murloc Reno Priest

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The fact that there's a murloc package in a Reno Priest might seem a little wierd, but it's another win con (because Razanduin isn't enough)! You can play murlocs from hand, smack them in the face, Zerek's cloning gallery, summon a Murk-Eye, and smack them in the face for nine, and then once those murlocs die, you can Mass Ressurect. You can also use ressumon spells when you have murlocs on board to... resummon Old Murk-Eye. When your not having these crazy turns, you can turn to the control side easily, and you can use the normal Razanduin package to win ames if your having trouble drawing your murloc win cons. But please don't make that your primary win condition. That's not fun.

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