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Last updated 1 week ago
  • Format Standard
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Archetype Aggro Priest
  • Crafting Cost 9800
  • Your Cost Coming Soon
eorltheyoung's Avatar Registered User 11

If you're bored of the standard choices but still wanna take part in the Aggro Wars, try this one.

The usual Carpet+1-Drops engine combined with the heal/draw Priest combo and a bit of Mech flavor. And, of course, the buffed Extra Arms.

It does well against other forms of Aggro due to its flexibility, the short reaction time to threats (can take out wide boards and at the same time concentrate buffs to eliminate single big minions) and the ability to replenish/draw. Currently ranking up at 8 (EDIT: 6). The deck misses one boardwide buff like Grim Rally or Savage Roar to really dominate, but it still consistently controls the board and puts up lots of pressure.

You can tinker with the 1-Drop selection, I'm still not sure about the best choice either (suggestions welcome!). I can see positive results with all the 1x choices (Skaterbot for Mech/aggression, Voodoo Doctor and Potion Vendor for extra healing, Bloodsail Corsair for weapon removal, Argent Squire for stickiness) but I'm sure the pool is further refinable. EDIT: substituted the Corsair and the Doctor for one more Sergeant and one more Squire. Let's see.

Mulligan guide: look for the Magic Carpet, of course, and some of the better 1-Drops to start, like Mecharoo, Lightwarden and Northshire Cleric. Power Word: Shield is also a good keep as always. Immediately build up pressure while controlling the board via smart trades. Distribute your resources (buffs, magnetic upgrades) across the board. Have fun.


  • LyraSilvertongue's Avatar Registered User 23 Posts Joined 06/01/2019
    Posted 1 week, 1 day ago

    I see Aggro Priest, I like.

  • TimonRaven's Avatar Registered User 5 Posts Joined 05/30/2019
    Posted 3 days, 21 hours ago

    70dust until the second crystallizer and gonna test it. Looks funny!

  • WonderfulJinn's Avatar Registered User 5 Posts Joined 05/31/2019
    Posted 3 days, 15 hours ago

    Is Bwonsmadi replaceable?

  • TacoMilkshake's Avatar Registered User 1 Posts Joined 06/06/2019
    Posted 1 day, 21 hours ago

    Really fun deck.

    • eorltheyoung's Avatar Registered User 9 Posts Joined 06/08/2019
      Posted 1 day, 9 hours ago
      Quote From TacoMilkshake

      Really fun deck.

      Thank you


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