Playmaker's Bombs Warrior

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With E.T.C., God of Metal coming soon, we realized we hadn't played around with Playmaker much yet, and that had to be rectified. So, we built this Rush Warrior deck with a Galakrond, the Unbreakable package to see if we could get it to work. Since we don't have access to E.T.C. yet, we decided to go with a miniature Bomb Warrior package instead. And, indeed, this deck blew opponents' minds...

While Playmaker isn't a great card to hold in the mulligan, she gets amazing value with most of the rush minions from turn 7 on. Using the Galakrond cards and rush minions liberally to control the board and buy time until you can start getting ridiculous value from Playmaker with Rush minions, Galakrond, or Blastmaster Boom.

Sadly, Cutting Class doesn't get a discount from Galakrond's invoke, even when you've got a weapon equipped, so Ritual Chopper doesn't provide much of a discount to it, but it was still worth running it even when we had to pay more than 2 mana for it alongside Wrenchcalibur. We ended up with a 50% winrate as we climbed our way back towards Diamond, so it's decent for a Playmaker meme deck!

We've got a highlight video with gameplay at if you're interested. Have fun experimenting and have an awesome day!

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