Galakrond with Dirty Tricks

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This is a stand-in for what I'm sure will be better Shaman decks in a few days. It's a pity I didn't come up with this build until this morning, because it's 7-3 so far at Diamond 4-5 and may be the Shaman deck I've been searching for ever since Scholomance came out. (Or maybe it's just beginner's luck and it will settle down to about 50% soon, like most decks.)

The idea is simple: Galakrond Shaman, with the remaining 18 cards mostly filled out with Spell Damage + removal -- but with a "secret weapon" of Burrowing Scorpid x2 and Windfury.

I haven't played Tidal Wave once in 10 games. I might replace it, but maybe I'll play more with it until I see how the Face Hunter matchup goes.

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