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I took this idea from someone who made an infinite Dragon Soul combo, summoning two 5/5 dragons and restoring 10 health each turn. For me, it turned out to be very inconsistent especially because everyone is packing ooze tech right now. So I took the traditional "Dragon Mind Blast Priest" and made room for the infinite combo of dealing 6 damage and restoring 5 health each turn.



Against Aggro - Northshire Cleric, Shadow Words, Duskbreaker, Primordial Drake

Against Control - Shadow Visions (Look for mind blast), Twilight Drake, Shadowreaper Anduin


So, basically if you haven't killed your opponent with dragon pressure alone, then stall the game until you get Shadowreaper Anduin. After you have become Shadowreaper  and dropped Alextrasza on your opponent and whipped out the ol' mind blast/ping combo... if they are still not dead, preform the combo in this order:

1. Ping

2. Play Test Subject

3. Ping

4. Play Binding Heal on Test Subject

5. Ping

6. Play Seance on Test Subject

7. Play Topsy Turvy on Test Subject

8. Repeat next turn

And viola, you are now dealing 6 damage and healing yourself for 5 EACH TURN.

I think this deck is actually a better version of Dragon Priest altogether because it has all the same cards that make the archetype good PLUS the infinite combo to use for Druids and Warriors that stack and insane amount of armor. I'm sure I'll make a few more adjustments as time goes on but I am currently crushing everybody with this deck in ranks 15-10. Thanks for reading!

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