Foxy Secret GalaC'Thun (57.7% Rank D9-1 to D6-1)

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My attempt at C'Thun Rogue that actually works decently. This is definitely a Tier-2 Control deck that probably won't take you to Legend. It performs extremely well against other control decks, surprisingly well against Paladin, but loses hard to Demon Hunter and aggressive Hunters and Shamans. I played it until I had played every class at least once (26 games). I was on the verge of going up to D5, but hit a losing streak against three Demon Hunters in a row. However, even those games were decently fun with a lot to play out in those 6-7 turns.

I only won two games with C'Thun. The shattered spells essentially make Control Rogue viable, but I usually just gained value/board control and won the game conventionally. Have fun with C'Thun! 

DH: 0 - 4

D: 1 -0

H: 1 -1

M: 2 - 0

P: 4 - 1

PR: 2 - 0

R: 1 - 0

S: 2 - 4

W: 1 - 1

WK: 1 - 0

TOTAL: 15 - 11 (57.7%) Starting at Rank D9-1 going up (and down) to D6-1.

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