[SoU] Saviors of Handbuffs

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  • Archetype Handbuff Paladin
  • Format Standard
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Crafting Cost 17320
  • Your Cost Coming Soon
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~The real MVPs ~

Hello Out of Cards!

Handbuff is back! I've been playing various versions of Handbuff Paladin ever since Mean Streets, even taking it to legend twice. With the release of Saviors of Uldum, I've been doing a ton of experimenting (including a quest version), but ultimately I've settled on this list. It feels really tight and midrange-y right now and has a really good chance against almost anything. It is a bit off-meta, but if you want to give it a try I'm sure you'll have fun. Cheers!


*August 19th Update: While I really liked the Making Mummies + Questing Explorer test, I've shelved it for now. Instead, I'd like to introduce Micro Mummy! This guy is great because 1) it gets drawn by Crystology; 2) it gives a good 2-drop, and 3) helps you guarantee a mech to magnetize onto on Turn 3. Will continue to tinker. I'm also kinda expecting a nerf patch soon, so we'll see how the meta changes after that. Best of luck on ladder!


~ General Strategy ~

The core plan of the deck is as follows:

The rest of the deck is minions that capitalize on the buffs (such as Zilliax, Ghostly Charger, and Siamat), and cards to disrupt/neutralize your opponent's threats (such as Aldor Peacekeeper, Annoy-o-Module, and Spellbreaker). The deck also includes the super fun Oondasta + Shirvallah, the Tiger combo for a big turn 9 swing.


~ FAQs ~

1) What should I mulligan for?

Crystology, Glow-Tron, and Micro Mummy. It's that simple.


2) When should I play Glowstone Technician?

If you're in a match that you'll need to OTK, save it until your 3 chargers are in hand. You also should play one on turn 7+ with Baleful Banker and/or Barista Lynchen. Against zoo/aggro, feel free to play it whenever you have a decent-sized hand, or it fits the mana curve.


3) Why are you running Shirvallah, the Tiger if the deck only runs 2 spells?

You pull her out with Oondasta, and since the deck only runs 2x Lifesteal and 3x Rush minions you can draw them consistently with Countess Ashmore.


4) Why is this deck so dang expensive?

Cause I like to tinker and optimize my decks and I don't really card about crafting cost/wasting dust. But that's just a personal thing for me.


5) How can I make this deck a bit cheaper to craft?

I can't really advise changing most of the deck, but here are some options if you insist:

I cannot guarantee your deck will work well if you make any of these changes, but they are options for saving dust.


~ Key Card Explanations ~

The Buffs

Barista Lynchen
Glowstone Technician
Baleful Banker


The core of the deck is using Glowstone Technician to turn your normal minions into game-ending threats. Barista Lynchen and Baleful Banker are here mostly to double up on the buffs.


The Cavalry


Shirvallah, the Tiger
Leeroy Jenkins
Ghostly Charger
Stormwind Knight



This deck is stuffed full of Rush and Charge minions so that you can reclaim the board after you lose in in the early turns. They also act as your burst to close the game.


The Neutralizers

Tirion Fordring
Aldor Peacekeeper
Bronze Gatekeeper


These cards are all meant to mess with your opponent's gameplan so that your cards can shine. You can also use Barista Lynchen and Baleful Banker to get extra copies as needed.


The Mechs

Micro Mummy
Bronze Gatekeeper


The Mechs are your core early game defense that allows you to survive till the late game. Magnetic as a keyword is also excellent with handbuffs and can be another late-game burst option if a mech sticks on the board.


The Card Draw

Countess Ashmore
Barista Lynchen
Baleful Banker
Acolyte of Pain


This deck runs 2 main draw engines:

You also have Barista Lynchen and Baleful Banker to generate more cards.



Smuggler's Run Card Image Prince Keleseth Card Image Grimestreet Enforcer Card Image
~ Honour to our ancestors. ~

Let's play some Hearthstone together! JoeyJojo48#1451, Americas :)



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    Thanks for the great guide! Nice deck.

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