Yogg Highlander Mage

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My adventures of trying to exhaust Demon Hunter's reign is not done. This time, I've decided to go for a Highlander Mage. While DH does well into those Highlander decks due to their incosistency, this one has so many tools just to try and stop that abomination. You should not be surprised to see this many Freeze effects in this deck, as it is a well known strategy to slow down Illidan.

Highlander package also gives us a lot of value to work with so that Control decks aren't difficult for us to defeat. On top of that, you also have The Amazing Reno and Yogg-Saron, Master of Fate for even more value and board clear. The only bad news is the lack of defense that isn't against minions or heroes, so Bombs can do some serious harm.

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