Ricochet Rabbit Priest

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This is a Big Priest/Res Priest variant that is almost neither due the unpredictable combat.

Featuring Mayor Noggenfogger, Mogor the Ogre, & Darkmoon Rabbit.

Palm Reading for early discounted Shadow Essence and Idol of Y'Shaarj

Confuse combat with the Mayor & Mogor. Sometimes a Mass Hysteria or Soul Mirror will send minions to face!

Build res pool as early as possible, especially Mogor & Archmage.

If Zerek's Cloning Gallery gets cheap enough it is sometimes worth using Spirit Lash to fill the graveyard for the following turn's upgraded Lesser Diamond Spellstone.

Clear late game boards with cheated out Rabbit.

RNG is still RNG but your can often play it in your favour more easily than an opponent that depends on orderly attacks.

Become the Mayor of Crazytown!

Bonus fun: Sub in Nozdormu! 

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    You crazy guy :-)


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