Charging Wall of Death N'Zoth Hunter

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Have you ever wanted to smash an opponent's face into a wall? Well, that's what this deck sets out to do!

While being careful not to pollute N'Zoth, God of the Deep's resurrection pool, we used a secret package including Inconspicuous Rider alongside a number of card draw tools to survive long enough to draw and play out our combo pieces: Circus Amalgams and Tundra Rhino.

With help from Ramkahen Wildtamer and Pack Tactics, it's possible to get 2 or 3 extra copies of Circus Amalgam so that N'Zoth will bring back 4 or 5 Circus Amalgams alongside Tundra Rhino, which can all go charging into the opponent's face (unless they have taunts... That's cheating...).

Summoning a full board with N'Zoth will only do 22 damage, so if you want to finish off the opponent with a surprise taunt wall, you will need to do some damage to them before N'Zoth makes his appearance. Though, the Scavenger's Ingenuity buffed Amalgams alongside the Hunter hero power often do the job of setting up the combo pretty nicely.

We were able to summon a charging wall many times, but it took forever for us to kill an opponent with the charging wall... Just be aware that this meme difficulty level is extreme... But, if you want to see gameplay of it succeeding, check out our highlight at or below. Have fun experimenting!

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