Achieveing Tonk Status

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Trying to finish your Darkmoon Tonk achievement in wild, but aggro decks end games before turn 7? Well, this is the deck for you, because you'll actually be able to keep up with some of them instead of none of them.

The idea of the deck is to allow the Secret and Rush synergies in the deck to tutor themselves out, allowing you to draw your combo pieces much more easily. 

The deck is far from optimized, though. You can substitute many cards:

If you're feeling extra OTK-ish, slash out non-Darkmoon Tonk deathrattles and sub in Spiritsinger Umbra (or Baron Rivendare/Necromechanic), Drakkari Enchanter and double Feign Death. With a Emperor Thaurissan and Drakkari Enchanter double discount, you can play Spiritsinger Umbra into N'Zoth, the Corruptor into double Feign Death for a lot of fireworks (you'll need two rounds of double discounts if you want to play both Spiritsinger Umbra and Baron Rivendare/Necromechanic).

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