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We've experimented with shuffling a bunch of copies of Doctor Krastinov into our deck with Togwaggle's Scheme and Shadow of Death in Quest Rogue before, but a major downfall of the deck has always been the unreliability of drawing Doctor Krastinov early enough to make a difference. But, if Doctor Krastinov is the only minion in our deck at the start, Swindle can help with that, making this deck a lot more fun to play!

Of course, it has the card generation from other classes to spice things up for each game, but when you start smacking your opponent's board and face with a 6/3 or 7/4 immune weapon and Doctor Krastinovs start flooding the board, it's exciting! Malevolent Strike gets a second chance at a major discount with Togwaggle's Scheme and Shadow of Death if you draw multiple C'Thun, the Shattered pieces (which is in there for matchups where a massive immune weapon just won't do the trick).

Just watch out for Kobold Stickyfinger from the opponent, or else all the hard work building an immune weapon could come back to bite you (almost literally). The winrate for the deck is terrible, so don't play this if you're looking for a deck to climb. But, if you consider doing ridiculous amounts of damage in a single turn with an immune weapon winning, you might try this out!

If you'd like to see gameplay with the deck where we do 29 damage in a single turn with a built up immune weapon, check out the highlight at or below. Have fun experimenting!

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