Incredible Fury Soul Demon Hunter

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Since Zai, the Incredible hasn't had much of a chance to shine, so we decided to stick him in the spotlight with this Incredible Fury deck centered around dropping extra copies of Priestess of Fury! It uses a Soul Demon Hunter shell but includes Zai, the Priestesses, Raging Felscreamers, and Felosophy so that when at least one Priestess of Fury is in an outcast position, we can be sure to drop lots of pressure turn after turn.

During one game, we were lucky enough to copy a Priestess of Fury on one side and a Skull of Gul'dan discounted Raging Felscreamer on the other side, allowing us to drop a symmetrical board of Raging Fury in a single turn. If you'd like to see the deck in action, check out the highlight video at or below. Have fun experimenting!

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