Weasel Priest

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NOT FOR COMPETITIVE PLAY (unless you want to)

Behold, the power of the Weasel Tunneler !!!!!

Made a few tweaks to my old weasel priest deck and this one seems to be working out great. Spirit Lash holds against aggro pretty well, and the Bloodmage Thalnos combo makes it even sweeter. U basically run over highlander decks and most big priests because of your constant shuffling of weasels into their deck. (but you may get out-greedied by [Hearthstone Card (bloodreaver guldan) Not Found] though.

the Carnivorous Cube Mirage Caller combo works great, and can be useful for 1)shuffling weasels :D or 2)creating threats on the board such as multiple Amaras.

Shadowreaper Anduin can also be used to wipe out your opponent's big minions as well as pinging face for the win.

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