[WILD] Mirracle Giant Priest

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@CN_Soda shared this deck on Twitter and after 10+ games I fell in love with it. Why? Coz it's amazing!

How to play it? Just like any other mirracle deck. Draw like crazy thanks to Northshire Cleric or Acolyte of Pain.

Cast spells:

1) with Wild Pyromancer to clear the board

2) to reduce the mana cost of Arcane Giant and Grave Horror

3) to ressurect your Cleric, Pyromancer, Acolyte or all of them with Rally!

In some ways it's very similiar to Darkglare Warlock or, as the original title of this deck is, Time Warp Priest. You want to cheat mana cost of your giants close to zero. Play Loatheb, or in this case also Mindrender Illucia which is just Loatheb on steroids.

I'm going to be honest, for casual players it's going to be a huge challenge to pilot this deck but it has a very high skill ceiling. In Darkglare you need to constantly look at your health, in this case you need to be careful when drawing cards, always full calculator mode - is there possibility that I overdraw? Is it bad? What's the optimal play from these 10 cards I have in my hand?

Since this deck was shared on mainpage, I would love to do a complete guide but I'm a noob. Sorry.

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