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I've actually been experimenting with Maly Druid back when the mid-set came out because I was convinced Resizing Pouch was going to change everything, but due to other commitments I've placed it on the back-burner and never really came back. And with Shadow Hunter Vol'jin now released I'm keen on experimenting further.

For what its worth, this deck can actually win games around diamond 5, and now that I've been seeing less bomb warriors I might give it another shot. Just be warned that this is not exactly an easy deck to play, because the win condition may change according to what you get out of your discover options, and obviously what you're facing against.



- Safe bet to always try and get Overgrowth in your mull, and perhaps even Dreaming Drake.

- If against rogues, hunter and dhunters, always mull for Crystal Power. Other cards are probably too slow.


Some Play Guide

- Your win condition is to play Malygos and then Moonfire your opponents to death, or use Lightning Blooms and Swipe. Voljin + Wisp Umbral Owl to cheat out Malygos for additional mana, but its absolutely still doable without Voljin, so its really down to whether you can assemble the proper combo.

- Resizing pouch is the real winner here. Either get yourself Innervate, Lightning Bloom, or Moonfire. But it can also get you another wisp in a pinch. Its not always 100% clear that you should always take up the three above. Sometimes just another 1/1 minion along with Arbor Up can steal a win, especially against druids.

- Arbor Up + Anubisath Defender is an option, especially if your opponent ignores something like Dreaming Drake. Against some decks its always better to just get tempo than save up. Typically against other druids, if you can build a massive board early you don't even need Malygos for the win.

- How you use Nature Studies can easily decide the win. There is only two draw cards in this deck (which honestly I'm abit iffy about) so nature studies for draw is not entirely a bad idea. Its really up to what you have in hand, and the board state.

- You don't have to draw the wisp to do the combo with Vol'jin. Umbral owl can also cost 0 with enough spells played. I only place one in this deck for consistency, but might change that if I feel I can get the owl to 0 consistently by the time I get 9 mana.

Edit: Theres two owls now. Made the decision since wisp is nearly always useless drawn.


Considered cards

- I honestly don't like the addition of the Wisp in this deck. Resizing pouch can easily get it for you, and you really don't want to draw a 0 mana card in the later stages. I'll leave this up for you guys to decide. I might just take it out for something like Rising Winds or Guess the Weight or maybe even the second Umbral Owl

Edit: I've removed the wisp. Turns out that drawing wisp in your hand is bad in nearly every circumstances I've encountered after like 10 odd games. Replaced with second owl, which incidentally is easily 0 mana by the time you need the combo out, and is very strong on its own. You can even rush it out twice with the vol'jin combo.

- There's a small part of me that says not playing more dragons makes Breath of Dreams redundant. I think the card draw justify it better than wild growth, and since overgrowth is the true ramp engine, I'll leave this up for now.


Try it out, I mean it has Vol'jin in it, so why not?

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