Mechrattle Handbuff Hunter

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Undertaker Hunter Returns!!!  Well, sorta...

This deck makes use of some of the underused Deathrattle synergies Undertaker and Forlorn Stalker as well as mech synergies to create a strong threatening board presence.

For the most part, it is worse than just playing your typical Mech Hunter, but its a lot more fun and unique.  With the addition of SN1P-SN4P and a buffed Necromechanic the deck did get some new toys recently.

The deck also uses Loot Hoarder, Shaky Zipgunner, and Rat Pack for non-mech Deathrattles to keep our hand a bit more full, give us more handbuffs, and more handbuff payoff.

The inclusion of Corpse Widow also enables the potential for a SN1P-SN4P exodia if you can get it and a Mechwarper on the board.

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