Highlander Menagerie Warrior (MDF)

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Hey there, so I made this deck near the start of the Darkmoon Faire and it has been killing it for me, especially after the Races Mini-Set Came out.  I have won 20 consecutive ranked games with this deck (mostly on mobile so sorry about not proof).  Fun control deck that has enough anti-aggro to get to the end with some good power plays.


Mulligan Guide

In General - Most of the time, you want to play cards mostly on the curve, with maybe missing some turned every once in a while.  In general, Armor Vendor, EVIL Quartermaster, Zephrys the Great, Shield Block, and Ringmaster Whatley are all good keeps mostly no matter what matchup you have.  


Aggro - Minefield, Sword and Board,  and Livewire Lance work pretty good for me.  Brawl and Bladestorm can also work against more swarmy aggro, while Coerce and Lord Barov work more against tall aggro.

Midrange - Coerce, Sword Eater, Restless Mummy, and Kargath Bladefist all work good into midrange matchups.  Sometimes you may want to keep Circus Amalgam and Scrap Golem can work for early taunts, and Lorekeeper Polkelt can be nice against latergame matches

Control - Shield Block, Lorekeeper Polkelt, and Fleethoof Pearltusk can be pretty good in controly-er matches.  If you feel like the match really will go to late-game, then maybe you keep a Deathwing, Mad Aspect or a Rattlegore


Carb Substitutions

 - 1 Athletic Studies, +1 Stage Dive - I switch back and forth between these two cards, either can work honestly.

 - 1 Coerce +1 Shield Slam - I know it's weird to not run Shield Slam in a control deck, but it's mostly because I don't like it that much.  Either Coerce or Sword and Board can be subbed if you want

Other Cards I have messed around with

Runaway Blackwing card doesn't want to link for some reason :( - Sometimes you can just slam this card down and get a kill and a huge guy they have to deal with.  Plus if you get this off the revive with N'Zoth, God of the Deep makes it almost worth playing N'zoth by itself.  

Strongman, Darkmoon Dirigible, Y'Shaarj, the Defiler - You can try to run a corrupt package, but I feel it makes the deck a little too passive in early game.

Risky Skipper, Armorsmith, Ancharrr - This messes a bit with the N'zoth Package, but it can help a TON with aggro matches.  Honestly just looking at it I might add this to my deck right now.

Yogg-Saron, Master of Fate - You like random? I do.  Add this guy in to ruin any chance of winning after you play him.  Maybe add a few more spells if you choose to add this guy though.

Ringmaster's Baton, Corsair Cache, Wrenchcalibur  - Add a weapon package.  Idk if this will work that good but maybe it works.  Messes with other highlander decks a bit.


I hope you guys enjoy the deck!  If you have any questions post them in the comments, I'll try to reply when I see them.

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