Wild OTK Murloc Paladin

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Hello everybody. I used this deck before the equality nerf to get to legend from rank 4. After the nerfs it lost some of its control power but its still pretty good to climb when played well.
OTK is done by playing Murloc Warleaders, Bluegill Warriors and Old Murk-Eye throught the game and after these murlocs die you resurrect them with Anyfin Can Happen and BOOM you get all those charging murlocs buffed and ready to attack. But wait there is more. You can play the 2nd Anyfin next turn to finish the game with alot of damage. And you can reduce the cost of Shirvallah by 10 with 1st anyfin to play shirvallah alongside it, for removing a taunt or healing.

Very enjoyable deck to play. There are some tech cards such as golakka to keep pirates at bay. You can change pretty much any card except the combo. For mulligan Keep Call to Arms. Against aggro keep some early defend tools like golakka and Righteous Protector. Against Control you are looking to assemble to combo quickly so mulligan for draw cards, most importantly solemn vigil.

If you have any suggestions or any questions you can ask. Enjoy the deck!

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