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With more control tools and healing available, Aggro Demon Hunter might struggle a bit more, which might sound good at first, but Illidan is back with a vengeance! Demon Hunter didn't lose Blade Dance. It just got upgraded to Death Sweep in the form of the "rebalanced" Warglaives of Azzinoth.

The idea behind this deck is to have the capability to develop a formidable board with Demon Hunter's bevy of efficiently costed minions while having the option to both burst down the opponent and/or whatever board the opponent might have. Upon closer inspection, Demon Hunter has reached a critical mass of cards that beefs up its attack despite having lost Twin Slice. The Warglaives of Azzinoth become absolutely devastating with the likes of Relentless Pursuit and Fury (Rank 2) or Fury (Rank 3).

I wanted to fit Gan'arg Glaivesmith into this deck, but it's not a very good play if Outcast can't be triggered; the 3-2 body is pretty negligible since the damage is what really matters, and there are better options in terms of both three-drops and attack buffs. If you're missing out on Soulciologist Malicia, Priestess of Fury should suffice as a strong budget option.

Despite being more in the playstyle of Galakrond Warrior, you still can't have "Demon Hunter" without "Hunter," and like Mankrik, there's no shortage of SMOrc in the deck.


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