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Small sample size from a fairly low rank (mid- to high platinum) but I'm 9-2 with this deck so far. No Barrens cards except Tamsin Roame, unfortunately, but the deck does benefit immensely from from the buff to Drain Soul!

The deck is super straightforward: mulligan for 1-drops and early removal (and/or School Spirits in fast matchups or Free Admission in slower ones). Draw as many cards as you can, shuffle as many soul fragments as you can, and aim to have Tickatus and Soulciologist Malicia in hand by turn 7 (or turn 6 on coin). From there, you have a variety of win conditions: good ol' Ticky-boy, Rustwix, Jaraxxus, and a second wave of Ticks courtesy of Y'Shaarj.

A couple additional tips:

  • In slow or midrange matchups, you'll want to Felosophy Tickatus once and Envoy Rustwix once (Tickatus kicks your opponent to fatigue, while Rustwix keeps you from going into fatigue yourself). That means that as long as you have the removal and healing to survive, try to hold Tickatus until you've copied him at least once.
  • The deck has very little draw (by design--, so make sure you've got a backup plan (i.e. an alternate win condition in hand, or at least enough removal to buy you several more turns) before turning into Jaraxxus.
  • Tamsin Roame can easily be flexed out for something like a Hysteria or Siphon Soul. I'm not sold on Tamsin in this deck, but I run her because a) she's a new legendary, I'm a budget player, and I got her for free off the rewards track, and b) she'll net you a lot of life gain (in theory) because of her synergy with Drain Soul, Soul Shear, and School Spirits. However, her presence in the minion pool also diminishes your odds to land a discount on Tickatus off Free Admission, and since she's a legendary, you're far less likely to draw her than other cards you can run two of. Definitely a powerful effect, but the lack of consistency could be her downfall--I've only played her once so far, and I'm still not sure whether she's more useful than just running another removal card.
  • Twisting Nether is a bit slow and could be flexed out for Hysteria or Siphon Soul. However, I've found that running at least two 8-drops (as opposed to cheaper removal) dramatically improves the consistency with which you can corrupt all your other cards (particularly a certain toxic 6-drop). An argument could be made for including Enhanced Dreadlord here, but the deck honestly has quite enough life gain already, and Twisting Nether is far better at preventing face damage than a 5/7 taunt (Counterspell notwithstanding).

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