Quest Rogue feat. Troggs and Scabbs!

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Heya all, 

So, the FAV has landed, and we got some more fuel for Quest Rogue, in the form of Ram Commander, and Irondeep Trogg.

Mulligan hard for Bloodsail Flybooter, Ram Commander and Captain's Parrot, and keep Shadowstep if you have either of the above in hand. 

Against Pirate Warriors or any other deck you might suspect is a Quest Deck, I tend to keep Irondeep Trogg if I go first, especially if I also have Daring Escape. You have to skip Quest on turn one, of course, but you sometimes get 2 Troggs out, because the get careless and cast Quest + The Coin :)

Stormpike Marshal shines against aggro (which is Quest Rogues achilles' heel) where you can sometimes get lucky and make a good trade, then cast Crystal Core to get a 5/5 with Taunt.

Oh, and Shadowcrafter Scabbs is just pretty bonkers post-quest with all the Battlecries returning to your hand and disrupting the opponent's plans, especially pesky decks like Res-Priest etc...

Oh, and you get two Stranglethorn Tigers on the board! You could maybe even include the Taelan Fordring+Battleground Battlemaster combo for 40 damage post Scabbs, if you include a second Stonetusk Boar, and remember positioning correctly ;)

Enjoy, hope you'll like it as much as I have, and give it a like, if you do :)


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