Conjure Mordresh's Illusion Mage

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With a cool new card like Mordresh Fire Eye, we wanted to explore a type of Mage that barely exists on the ladder at the moment (because it seems 90% or more of them are No Minion Mage...). So, we built this Mordresh Mage with a ton of Spell Damage burst damage potential alongside a 2TK package.

First up, the 2TK package allows you to play Mordresh Fire Eye on turn 10 and follow him up with 2 Mana Biscuits from Conjure Mana Biscuit alongside a Potion of Illusion. With help from Wildfire and Reckless Apprentice, it's no problem to reach 10 Hero Power damage by turn 10. Fallen Hero may be overkill, but as another body in the deck to accept Aegwynn, the Guardian's effect with an upside of synergy with Hero Power damage, it made the cut.

And, Aegwynn is a major hint to the other win condition of this deck (which we pulled off more often than a 2TK). With Imprisoned Phoenix and minions from Primordial Studies paired with Aegwynn, not only is Cram Session a great way to cycle through the deck, but it's possible to deal ridiculous amounts of damage with Fireball and Runed Orb.

We still have a remarkably small sample size (just 4 games thus far), but while climbing back through the ladder, we have had a 100% winrate. I know that can't hold, but it's a pretty nice start! And yes, 3 out of those 4 games were against other Mages (with the last being another elusive Hero Power Mage...).

If you'd like to see this deck in action, we have a gameplay highlight at or below. Note that of the 2 games, only the first uses this deck. The second game uses a fun viewer deck that also performed decently well. Have fun experimenting with other types of Mage!

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