Greedy Primordials Hunter

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While the Far Watch Post and Mor'shan Watch Post just got nerfed, we had a ton of fun with this deck before the nerfs, and we'll be continuing to experiment with it to see if it continues to perform well. Since the Watch Posts are just there to buy us a bit of time to get to the main gem of this deck, Primordial Protector, I think it'll still be a lot of fun!

This deck runs 2 copies of Nagrand Slam and 2 copies of Guardian Animals to ensure that we almost always have a great draw and minion coming from Primordial Protector. And, Kindling Elemental allows Primordial Protector to come down on turn 7 (or sometimes on turn 6 if you start with the coin)! And, the beast package with Guardian Animals actually feels really solid. There are enough 5-cost beasts that we can usually drop one on curve and still have several for the Guardian Animals to pull for us. Most games, it felt really smooth curving through the deck.

If you'd like to see a gameplay highlight showing a bit of what the deck can do, check it out at or below. Have fun experimenting!

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