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The short review above would have been enough. Just the title, "Godzilla vs Kong", says everything you need to know, and just about everything there is to say about the movie. Godzilla encounters King Kong, chaos breaks out Black Widow. The Titans' test of power lasts for almost two hours and the end will (possibly) decide the sandbox debate once and for all - who is really the strongest of the iconic movie monsters?

The speakers shake so it's great when whole blocks are leveled with the ground. The CGI creatures growl and snort and fight until only one can stand upright. It's the kind of film that may not invite any deeper analysis, but I have a character limit to achieve, so now we're driving anyway.

To begin with the positive. It still feels sickly luxurious to sit in front of a fat big movie Young Adult Matters! The film drought that prevailed throughout 2020 has starved me both on popcorn and the associated entertainment of the more epic scale.

And "Godzilla vs Kong" delivers what it promises. It is a roaring mix of action, adventure and futuristic science fiction, which offers sickly delicious fighters. A colorful kaiju party that is enhanced by grandiose sound effects, and Tom Holkenborg's synth music that makes everything feel like a bold music video.

King Kong is in focus for most of the film, while Godzilla lurks in the sea like a predator ready to attack. They are anxiously awaiting the next clash. The big battle scenes that carry the film are a feast for all the senses. Admittedly designed for a big screen, but you will not be disappointed when the film appears on streaming.

And the negative? Okay, you came to see monsters fight, not to hear Alexander Skarsgård deliver Shakespeare-worthy monologues. But it breaks a little in a film lover's heart when blockbuster directors miss something as essential as creating (human) characters to care about. Peter Jackson understood the importance of strong characters and an engaging story when he dropped Naomi Watts in the monster battle on Skull Island in his "King Kong" (2005). Adam Wingard is so fond of his 100 meter high creatures that he forgets the little people on the ground.

A sensible dialogue or a logical action, the kind of trifles we film critics insist on, it has obviously ended up far down the priority list.

Humans, however, are just pale supporting roles in the drama where two 100-meter-tall creatures are the stars. King Kong has more personality than all the actors can produce together. Their job is mostly to follow the monsters and explain to the audience what is happening, with the simplest possible dialogue. It is also important to reveal a new, shady organization called APEX (what happened to Monarch?) - for those who are involved in the Monsterverse mythology.

"Godzilla vs Kong" is part four in a loosely linked film universe, where the films "Godzilla" (2014), "Kong: Skull Island" (2016) and "Godzilla II: King of the Monsters" (2019) have laid the foundation . But no prior knowledge is really required. Anyone can jump in and see the mutated lizard make up for the misunderstood giant monkey. All parts have been more or less independent, with their own tone and style. When Adam Wingard takes over the key to Monsterverse, he does so with obvious passion for the genre, and gets several winks to Toho's classic "Godzilla" legacy.

The film's climax is a settlement in an obscene neon-lit Hong Kong by night. Total destruction where I guess a few million people lose their homes and lives (but we have already stated that this is not the movie where you have to care about the people).

An expedition to the center of the earth, and the almost prehistoric world of Hollow Earth, is another of the film's visual highlights. I guess fans will flush most of the "action" and go straight to these goodies when they watch the movie.

Do you shy away from flat characters and predictable stories? Best to look further. But are you looking for cool monster fighters and delicious visual effects? Then "Godzilla vs Kong" is the movie for you.

Just as it is suggested in MZ's review, the title basically sums up the whole film, it is an epic battle between Godzilla and Kong that we are offered and not much more. I think it was an entertaining movie, but I definitely like King of the Monsters better. Here it has suddenly become very childish and exaggerated, I prefer the slightly more serious tone in King of the Monsters. I think the "Stranger things" gang lowers the film every time they come into focus, and there is no story worth talking about, unfortunately, the only explanation we really get for why Godzilla and Kong fight is because they are both "alpha" -titans and the world is not big enough for the two type. In King of the Monsters we better understand why they are fighting, where the whole world was threatened with total destruction, here we never get the feeling that any higher stakes are at stake, but their fight can be more described as a cockfight.

After all, I still liked the film, it's nice battles and I liked Hollow Earth, which I would have liked to have seen the film spend more time exploring. If you are just looking for some brain-dead entertainment in these gloomy corona times, you are guaranteed to get value for money. I am content to hand out a strong second at the moment, I feel that the film would have had to explain some things a little better to deserve some higher marks. Where have all the titans gone, for example? We got to see a whole bunch of titans in the last movie, these are not mentioned at all. And how has the world recovered from the near-apocalyptic events of King of the Monsters? There are many question marks left unanswered, and if this is the last movie in MonsterVerse, we are left with an in my opinion unsatisfactory ending.

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