Majordomo's Tesspionage

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Hi, my name is Faz. I've been kinda getting bored of Hearthstone lately, so I decided to screw around with bad cards in wild casual. Until I stumbled upon this deck.

This deck revolves around the fact that when Majordomo Executus turns you into Ragnaros, Tess Greymane can replay every Rogue class card (as well as any other class of course) even though the original starting class is Rogue.

Think of this deck as a Shudderwock Shaman deck. You have Vanish to bounce back Tess Greymane to your hand so (hopefully) you can play Tess infinitely. Not only that, Vanish leaves you with an open board to slam eight damage to your opponent's face. (Tess's effect still continues to go on even if she casts Vanish btw) So basically, for ten mana every turn, you are clearing the board and dealing eight or more damage to your opponent (plus Sinister Strike.

You also have other cards such as Assasinate (Vilespine Slayer doesn't work with Tess because its effect is a combo) and Sap just in case if your opponent still has minions on the board after Vanish (e.g. Sludge Belcher). Academic Espionage is used as tech against getting milled from card draw like Hallucination and Fan of Knives from Tess.

The rest of the deck has Deathrattle synergy for the early game. Barnes can pull out Piloted ShredderLoot HoarderAcolyte of PainEmperor Thaurissan, and Ragnaros the FirelordUnearthed Raptor can provide extra value.

Keep in mind that this deck is strictly for fun. This deck's main combo can go awfully wrong when you have too many cards in hand from card draw and/or Tess bounces back the wrong minions besides herself. You'd rather use Shudderwock Shaman, which has a more consistent combo than this deck.

Special thanks to Dane HS (this deck is kinda based on his Majordomo Rogue deck with  some of my alterations)

And until next time

- Faz

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