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Hey guys! Today I sort of wanted to make a deck with Val’anyr, one of the most underrated legendary weapons in Kobolds and Catacombs. However, most people do not understand the true power of Val’anyr! When played with the other combo cards in the deck, you can produce very big minions. Down below are explanations of questionable cards in this deck.

Echoing Ooze & Doppelgangster:

Because these minions summon other copies of themselves, they can duplicate themselves with Val’anyr buffs on them.

Brann Bronzebeard & Spiritsinger Umbra:

Brann is used for Saronite Chain Gang or Doppelgangster so that you could get more minions that could make more copies of Val’anyr. Like Brann, Spiritsinger Umbra is also to make more copies of Val’anyr.

Vicious Scalehide:

Eventually, you are going to be low on health. This is the part when Vicious Scalehide comes in. Vicious Scalehide plus buffs from Val’anyr can give you a large heal.

Equality & Wild Pyromancer & Consecration:

These card are used to clear the board in case your opponent has the board advantage.

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