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Hi there, this is my second guide so i hope it is what a guide should be :)

This is a plain and simple Silence Priest. Buff up the health on your Guys with Divine Spirit / Inner Fire combo and hit face.

We use Minions like Ancient Watcher or Arcane Watcher because we can we can play them early on - and normaly silence them easily using Silence, Unsleeping Soul or the Dalaran Librarian.

Hench-Clan Shadequill is also a very nice target for Unsleeping Soul because of the 7 HP.

Faceless Rager is also very good because he usualy copies at least 3 to 7 health. The Upgradeable Framebot is also nice to drop on 2 because you either can use Extra Arms on him or SN1P-SN4P him.

The Wild Pyromancer is in there to clear the aggro/token Boards. Also an early Sunfury Protector on an Watcher or something similiar often times gives you enough time to build up and punch your opponent.


Always look for Northshire Cleric, Upgradeable Framebot, Extra Arms, Power Word: Shield if you have Cleric or Framebot - or if you're up against a class like Warlock/Druid/Shaman look for Wild Pyromancer because it´s most likely to be Token/Aggro.

Match Ups:

Warrior - this is the Worst Match Up i`ve encountered so far. (Bomb is a little easier than Control)

Warrior has lots of Removal and therefor you need to try to develop the board early and hit him as soon as possible. Try to pressure him early with Cleric / Extra Arms for example.

Played 3 Games against Warrior so far and went 1-2.

Rogue - usualy easy unless he has early Saps

Normal gameplan - develop as soon as possible and always try to hit face. Keep your Silence for Cards like [Hearthstone Card (Edwin Van Cleef) Not Found] - as long as he doesn't have double sap early on you should be fine.

So far i stand 5-0 against Rogue.

Paladin - this one is 50/50

As always , try to develop the board early. If he is a Mech Variant always try to clear the mechs because he always could magnetize something dangerous. Keep track of Secrets he played as soon as you activate them.

If he plays the OTK Shirvallah Package be careful on how many minions you get on the board because he can clear them a few times.
So far i went 3-2 against Paladin

Shaman - also 50/50

This one realy depends on his list and his opening. If he is Murloc and has the Nuts Opening it`s almost everytime a loss. If you can develop a board as fast as him or similiar (Cleric, Framebot - early Extra Arms etc) and trade efficiently you should be fine.

Also met a few Overload Shamans - this is way easier than against Murlocs but , do not forget he plays at least 1 mostly 2 Earth Shock or maybe a Frog - so only use your Divine Spirit / Inner Fire only if you can hit for a lot of damage or for the kill.

So far i went 3-2 against Shaman.

Druid - a little favoured - depending on his opening.

Pretty similiar to the Shaman. If he has a nuts opening it´s gonna be very hard. Try to buff up early using Extra Arms on Cleric or the bot etc and trade efficiently. He usualy does not run any silence so you can buff up a big guy and use Sunfury Protector to make a wall he cannot break.

So Far 4-1 Against Token Druid - haven't encountered any other Archetype from Druid.

Mage - a little tricky ...

Mage is usualy pretty easy because they do not use Sheeps anymore but you need to buff early and hit face because he is able to build a wall and also can use his Conjurer's Calling on your buffed up guys. He also uses a lot of Freezing but as long as you keep your Guys healthy you should be fine.

If he is developing a wall with the giants that is not that big of a problem because we also could Silence it but he always can use a Conjurers on it again. So maybe sometimes you need to go for the trade.

But, if he has a strong opening hand and hits Giant on 3 or 4 you are in Trouble and need to find the Sunfury to Protect yourself otherwise you will surely loose.

Priest - that one is 50/50 (at least against the Mirror)

Gameplan as always but this Match-Up is realy a "Who is going to draw better" one. Only use the Divine/Fire Combo for a big hit or the kill because he can also silence your minions.

Against the Rezz/Wall-Priest it should be easy because you buff up , silence his minion and hit face faster than he can develop. Keep your silence for the 2/6 Minion with the Deathrattle: Destroy an opponents Minion ( i forgot his name).

So far im 2-0

Warlock - i did not encounter 1 single Warlock since i´ve been playing this List but they usualy are Zoolock.
So the plan is similiar to the Shaman/Druid one.

Hunter - normaly Mech sometimes Beast/Aggro

Against Mech Hunter - ALWAYS!!!! clear the mechs because of the Spider-Bomb/Poisonous Guy etc. If you are able to control the board you should win every single time. Always keep you`re Silence for stuff like a Magnetized Zilliax for example.

Also clear the bombs and heal a little with your hero Power if your health drops below 15. Don't forget they usualy run Leeroy - so try to stay out of his Range :)

So far i encounterd 9 Mech Hunters and only 1 Beast Hunter (way easier than mech) and i went 8-2.


The Deck is also pretty cheap - it uses not a single Epic Card and only 1 Legendary (at this one was for free) so i guess it is pretty easy to have all the cards. So far i do not have any ideas for replacements because as of right now i'm pretty satisfied with the list but if you have any ideas feel free to leave them in the comment section!

Have fun and good luck!



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    Nice deck! To help against Warriors I can only think about Alexstrasza, it may help if you have been removing their armor in the mid game. Against Mage I can think about: Shadow Word: Death vs early giants, or Mass Dispel vs Abomination walls (would also help vs Druids with buffed boards).

    • FieselFitz's Avatar
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      Posted 3 years, 7 months ago

      Thx, i think we don't realy need Alex, because usualy we can buff minion that is about to attack up to 40/50 attack but true, Alex could help to lower the opponents health .... maybe i will try it. 

      I was thinking about Shadow Word: Death and tried it a few games but in those few games it was not needed and i wished for other cards in my hand. Mass Dispel could work pretty great, maybe i'll try that.

      Thx for the suggestions!


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