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The ban here seems to be non-obvious: I've seen all four cards banned. Which card would you consider banning?

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Power Word: Feast is the card you'll miss most. For some reason, Serena Bloodfeather is the most banned card though. Maybe because its card text is so confusing, people think it must be important.

Mulligan to make sure you have a minion or two in your opening hand. If you have those, Power Word: Feast is a good keep since it's often the best turn 2 play.

Most opposing decks don't have hard removal, so you can keep piling stats onto one or two (maybe three if your opponent goes wide) big minions that will never die. Keep trading and healing your minions roughly until you have enough damage on board for a 2-turn lethal.

Of the games I lost, most of them were because I picked the wrong card to ban. So once you know the right bans for the common decks, you can win a lot with this. Typically you'll want to ban card draw or resource generators, so your opponent can't keep up with you in the long run. 

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    Opponent conceded on turn 2 thanks to a 3/7 Reliquary of Souls. Deck approved.


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