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When looking at the new Poison, Poisoff Hunter achievement, we decided to cram just about every venomous Beast we could together into one deck. The result? This So Much Venom Hunter deck which is remarkably fun to play!

Serpentbloom helps the rush beast from Tame Beast (Rank 1) or Lake Thresher to get progress towards the achievement as well. A Lake Thresher getting pulled from Guardian Animals poisoning 3 enemy minions at once feels great! And, to draw our Guardian Animals a bit more consistently and develop some additional board presence, Primordial Protector made the cut.

Since Darkmoon Rabbit is poisonous cleave Beast by default, we definitely had to include it. And, if we're running the Rabbit, Carnival Clowns feel great as a way to close the game or stall for additional poison clears.

Missing the battlecry from Venomous Scorpid feels sad when pulling it off of Guardian Animals, but it still gets to rush in and clear a minion right away. Honestly, the deck came together and played a lot smoother than I initially expected. And, as I mentioned at the start, this is a remarkably fun way to play Hunter! If you'd like to see the deck in action, we've got a gameplay highlight at or below. Good luck with your achievement hunting, and have fun experimenting!

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